Geo Antoinette Porn

Geo Antoinette
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 180
  • Weight: 0
  • Website: N/A
Geovanna "Geo" Antoinette Carreno-Kwan (born October 3, 1983), is a YouTuber from the popular channel JustKiddingFilms. She has her own personal vlog channel with her husband, Bart, called Bart & Geo She is the producer for JustKiddingFilms. She was born and raised in California.

As a child, Geo had very overbearing parents. She has said that her parents would not allow her to go out a lot. Because of this, Geo became quite artsy. She lived in her Mexican household with her parents, brother, and 2 sisters. In high school, Geo played volleyball as well as basketball, which was a perfect sport for her height. She is quoted to say that she only joined the sport because of her height. She played center in basketball and said she didn't even know how to play. She has yet to state her position in volleyball.

Geo worked as a bank teller before she joining JustKiddingFilms in early 2010, 3 years after JustKiddingFilms started. Bart was the one that brought Geo into JK, and was the first member to join after Joe and Bart. She and Bart are co-owners of a gym in LA called Barbell Brigade. Almost everyone in JK uses Barbell Brigade as their primary gym.
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