xChocoBars Porn

  • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 165
  • Weight: 45
  • Website: N/A
xChocobars has become famous for her League of Legends stream on Twitch which she shares with other people who are game fanatics. The online-gamer has posted her stream of games like 'League of Legends,' 'PUBG,' 'Hearthstone,' and 'Stardew Valley.' The Twitch star has gathered more than 336,000 followers on her self-titled Twitch channel with more than 12 millions of video views.

The social media star, xChocobars has gathered the significant part of her net worth from Twitch and YouTube. She created a YouTube channel named xChocoBars on 3 August 2013. Her first YouTube video titled, 'what the #!# is going on' of League of Legends during the patch 3.14, on 17 November 2013 gathered 6.6K video views.

She is also heavily active on Twitch and is known for her frequent League of Legends live streams where she comments over her game stream. Her live streaming of League of Legend broadcasted from her Twitch channel xChocobars where she uses her macro skills to increase her league.

xChocobars is in the diamond league during the patch of League Of Legend's 2018 season. She has also made a deal with Japan Crate, a Tokyo-based online monthly subscription service from where she receives Japanese candy, snacks, and drinks on a monthly basis.

The League of Legends streamer is dating the YouTube star, Disguised Toast. Disguised whose real name is Jeremy Wang, mostly features Hearthstone videos on his YouTube channel. Her boyfriend Jeremy is a famous Hearthstone gaming personality on Youtube. The duo has been in the relationship since 2018.

xChocobars has also shared the picture of her boyfriend, Jeremy on Twitter. The Twitch star posted a cute photo of them on 5 January 2018 where they posed with cute filters.

xChocoBars and Jeremy also play games together. On 1 June 2018, xChocobars streamed the indie farming simulation RPG, Stardew Valley in collaboration with her boyfriend, Jeremy Wang. In the streaming video, xChocobars showed their perspectives discussing and playing the indie farming game. As both of them are heavy gamers, they are rejoicing times playing the games and spending quality time together.

ChocoBars' family resides in China. In April 2017, her father was admitted on a hospital and had to conduct emergency surgery. xChocoBars flew to China to see her dad at the hospital. Providentially, the operation was successful, and her father was in the stable condition. She shared the happy news of her father's stable condition on 7 April 2017 via Twitter.
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