Jordyn Jones Porn

Jordyn Jones
  • Birthplace: Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Website: N/A
In an age where several aspiring artistes who have posted a few videos on social media are cited as talented, it is very difficult to find an artiste who is genuinely talented in many areas at once. One such gifted artiste is Jordyn Jones who started her career as a young dancer. Looking at her talent, her parents encouraged her to learn dancing at an early age. She soon became a good dancer by focusing on the Hip Hop dance style. She also started to practice singing once she made her name in dancing. She has even participated in a number of local dancing competitions. However, her fame started to grow quickly when she started to post her music videos on social media networks like YouTube and Vevo where she got a wide following.

By the time she crossed the age of ten, Jordyn Jones had started to perform in some national competitions and reality shows on the TV. In the year 2012, she participated in the ‘Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition’ and finished in the fifth position. Despite not winning any major awards in the national level dancing competitions, Jordyn Jones was embraced by Reload Music Group which did agency work for young artists. With the help of Reload Music Group, she started getting more offers on the television. In the year 2014, she got an offer to host the famous Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards that is popular among the young audience. Later, in the year she starred in two YouTube videos called ‘Coked Up!’ and ‘Dance Camp.’ ‘Dance Camp’ is the story of a young artiste called ‘Hunter’ who is sent to a dance camp. There she finds a female companion (Jordyn Jones) who is talented. Together, they beat their bitter rival in the plot ‘The Lance Camp.’ The YouTube video was a raging hit on social media and went viral. Many critics now expect Jordyn Jones to get more offers on the television which could contribute to her future growth.

On the social media she increased her popularity when she published a music video which covered the popular song ‘Fancy’ sung by Iggy Azalea. However, the music video also brought her some notoriety as some critics opined that she copied the song without using her creativity.

Is there any need to discuss as to what makes Jordyn Jones so special among her followers who are of the same age? She is one of the very few multi-faceted talented personalities who are very rarely found in the entertainment world today. She can sing and dance with the same ease as she can act on the screen. Moreover, many of her fans like the way she dresses herself in an attractive manner following all the latest trends. This is one of the main reasons that make her such a widely admired actor at such a young age.

In the year 2014, when Jordyn Jones was just fourteen years old, a major controversy erupted over a video from the TV series, ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.’ In the video Jordyn was dressed in skimpy clothing. Many critics have questioned her parents as to how they could allow their young daughter to appear in such kind of videos. Some of them even alleged that the parents were exploiting their daughter for commercial profits. Jordyn Jones personally remained unaffected by the controversy and regularly participates in some charitable activities for helping underprivileged people who are in need. In her website, she also expressed her desire to participate in more philanthropic activities if the organizers approach her.

Jordyn Jones is one of those gifted dancers who started giving performances at a very young age in her life. Her parents, Kelly Jones and Tim Jones encouraged her and gave her all the support she wanted in fulfilling her ambitions. The fact that her mother has a background in the entertainment industry owing to her stint as a baton twirler was a big plus for Jordyn to kick-start her career as a dancer and reality star. The girl tries her best to stay away from controversies. She is also known for maintaining good relationships with her colleagues. She is currently dating the famous social media personality Nic Wallace.

Jordyn Jones starred in a YouTube Red original movie called ‘Dance Camp.’
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